Road Marking

Road Marking

The decisive plus for road safety

Perfect retroreflection with reflective beads of best quality

Thanks to the beads' retroreflective action, a vehicle's headlight beam is returned to the driver's eye, which results in a light-up effect of the striping. The microspheres not only multiply the visibility of road markings at night, but also increase the striping's durability in general.



We are the official representatives of Swarco Amstetten in Switzerland.


We are a member of Schweizerischen Fachverband für Sicherheit auf Strassen - SISTRA.

Reflective glass beads

Reflective glass beads

Throughout the world, roads are much safer today due to the use of small, spherically shaped glass beads which are added to the freshly striped highway lines as they are applied. Only with glass beads the stripings become visible at night. This phenomenon is called retroreflection.

Reflective glass beads


the state-of-the-art solution

Megalux are the state-of-the-art solution for consistent and optimal retroreflection for all kinds of binder systems. The unrivaled physical properties of Megalux make them the first choice for brighter road markings.