For filling of plastic

Glass Beads Solid and hollow

Glass Beads

Glass beads round

Glass Beads

We also supply glass beads solid or hollow silan coated in different sizes used as filler for different plastic systems to improve the crushing strength.



Our glass beads can be delivered at the highest stage of whiteness. Our production technique eliminates any kind of color variations.


a lot of different grains are available. Our production technique ensures tight spectrum.


New coatings and coating technologies where developed. Thanks to this technology different interactions between the glass and the plastics could be achieved, e.g. the adhesion between glass and plastics, the (un)flexibility of the glass beads in the plastics, electrical activity, water-reppelation, etc. This all results in an improvement of the final product regarding the color, flowability (processability), traction strength, shock-resistance, brilliance, form, etc..